Translogik Tyre Inspection Probe for Mining & Earthmover Tyres

Translogik inspection tool for the measurement of tyre pressure and tread depth for Off-the-Road (OTR) and Earth Mover (EM) tyres. The new EMiProbe features automated and motorised tread depth measurement up to 130mm and pressure measurement up to 190psi.


Correctly inflated tyres last longer, improve fuel consumption, are less likely to fail, and require less maintenance, reducing vehicle downtime and improving productivity.

The Translogik EMiProbe can reduce tyre inspection times by up to 60%

The rugged design incorporates a large contact area ‘foot’ to span the wide tread of large off-road tyres. The EMiProbe communicates via Bluetooth to wirelessly send its measurements directly to a smartphone, tablet or PDA. With optional features such as an integrated UHF RFID reader, the EMiProbe is the ultimate “all-in-one” tool for inspecting off road tyres.

  • 130mm tread measurement
  • 190PSI pressure measurement
  • Battery monitor
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Quick battery status indicator
  • “One Click” inspection technology
  • Update via Bluetooth compatible
  • RoHS compliant & WEEE

View & Download the EMiProbe Data sheet (English)  download-icon

View & Download the Probe PPT (Japanese)

Translogik works with Partners such as Klinge, read more at: www.klinge.com.au/Products