iTrack II Mining TPMS 24/7

The iTrack II Mining system provides fast, accurate reliable real-time data on the condition of your tires, combined with live tracking of vehicle location and status. Existing iTrack users have reported increases in tire life up to 30% and fuel savings of up to 3%. Savings of this magnitude provide rapid return on investment with the iTrack system paying for itself in a matter of months and where the subscription model is chosen the system will pay for itself from day one.


Key Functionality:

  • Real-Time temperature & pressure monitoring
  • Linux Operating system
  • Heat map & Route analysis
  • Geo-Fencing used for speed alert notifications
  • GPS (Including GLONASS)
  • 6 Axis accelerometer
  • Wi-Fi (MIMO)
  • CAN Interface

iTrack II Benefits:

  • Increase in average truck speed
  • Increase in production
  • Increase in tire life by up to 30%
  • Avoid tire failures
  • Reduce thermal separations
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Reduce fuel usage by up to 3%
  • Increase vehicle availability
  • Reduce vehicle downtime

6 Axis Accelerometer

Measuring the movement of the vehicle in all axis, requiring no additional equipment to be fitted in order to carry out haul analysis. Data is constantly recorded and sent to the server, maximising haul route cycle times. Watch the video below for more information.

Geo Fence

User defined Geo Fence areas with iTrack. Report on events within the Geo Fence boundry i.e. speeding in corners and report on entry and exit to a Geo Fenced boundary i.e. Tire bay, Lube Bay, Straights and gradients.

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Why use a TPMS?

  1. It is estimated that more than half of OTR trucks used globally run without electronic temperature and pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).
  2. Most modern TPMS, when properly set up and reliable will create significant value for a mine through increased tire life, decreased truck downtime and reduced risk of accidents.
  3. However, almost all other TPMS systems cannot be used to maximise truck productivity and tire performance because they lack live monitoring integrated with truck location and speed.
  4. Integration of real-time temperature and pressure data with precise positioning allows the next level of analytics and reporting. It enables ACTIONABLE ANALYSIS.

View & Download the iTrack II Brochure (English)

View & Download the iTrack II Brochure (Japanese)