Major iTrack Order from Otraco in Chile

Translogik is pleased to announce that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Otraco Chile, a subsidiary of Otraco International (the world’s leading provider of earthmover/off-the-road tyre management services to the mining industry), whose mining clients have immediately placed two major orders for two separate mines, for its iTrack mining vehicle monitoring system. The contracts are for a combined initial sale value of approximately GBP1 million, with on-going anticipated sales of GBP250,000 pa.

Laren Yeomans, CEO of Translogik, commented, “We are delighted to have received another major order for Translogik’s iTrack system, having recently secured our first major sale with Kumba Iron Ore in South Africa. Our engagement with Otraco began over two years ago and provides an indication of how long it can take to move from initial field trials to a live system deployment. The feedback we have received from Otraco at the various pilot sites has been invaluable in refining the iTrack system and making sure that it better meets the demands of the mining industry.

“Transense believes that the combination of improved safety and the rapid return on investment the system can provide through increased productivity and maximising tyre life, makes a very strong commercial case for mine operators to adopt the iTrack system. We now have large deployments in two of the world’s largest mining regions with major operators, validating our own confidence in the value and operability of the system. The endorsement of companies such as Otraco has proved invaluable, and we expect the recent sales momentum to accelerate as further trials around the globe lead to live iTrack deployments.”

About Otraco South America

Otraco is the world’s leading provider of earthmover/off-the-road tyre management services to the mining industry. Their world-class credentials are based on a proven ability to reduce the cost of earthmover tyre operation for major open pit miners while maximising production and enhancing safety. Advanced engineering systems and innovative maintenance, analysis and reporting technologies combine to consistently reduce client tyre costs, typically by 20% or more. As an independent technical adviser and service provider to mining houses in Australia, Asia, Africa and South and North America, Otraco has established an impressive track record since its inception in 1972.

About iTrack

iTrack provides a rugged and reliable solution with a range of features that allows mine operators to track their vehicle’s tyre temperature and pressure, speed, braking and location in real-time and receive early warning of potential problems or hazards.

The availability of live tyre and vehicle data allows swift remedial action to be taken, which can be the difference between safe mine operation and a major incident. By ensuring the vehicle’s tyres are operating within recommended temperature and pressure limits, iTrack brings increased levels of safety to both the vehicle drivers and the technicians that work on them. In addition, the system allows for multiple concurrent geo-fence zones to be defined to ensure that vehicles are only operating in approved areas, further increasing the safety of the mine.

From a commercial perspective, by ensuring that tyres are correctly inflated and managed, tyre life is extended, fuel economy is improved and costly down-time from repairs and intervention is reduced, improving productivity. TKPH (Ton Kilometre Per Hour) calculations using loaded/unloaded weights and real-time route cycling allows tyres to be run at higher efficiency based on their TKPH rating (based on size, construction type, rubber compound and hours usage) without overheating or causing premature deterioration.

Alarms trigger when user configurable operational threshold levels, such as tyre temperature, are exceeded, providing early warning of potential tyre or vehicle failure.