The PCAS system identifies tyre, wheel alignment, maintenance issues and other problems that can adversely affect tyre performance. These issues are made highly visible in the customer’s Audit Report leading to higher sales and safer, happier customers.


Mobile Inspection Application

 In 90 seconds a technician is able to use PCAS to perform a full inspection of a 4-wheel vehicle. The data is automatically transmitted via Bluetooth to the PC workstation ensuring it is fast, accurate and easy to understand.

Desktop Application

1. Windows PC- desktop point of sale or laptop/tablet
2. Bluetooth or Wi Fi connection to mobile device for data transfer
3. Add custom comments
4. Save inspection for future use- direct marketing, historical analysis etc
5. Export raw CSV data into Excel to create specialized reports/analysis or marketing databases.

Audit Report

1. Simplicity & clarity make it effective
2. Provides clear customer understanding
3. Improves client safety awareness
4. Promotes best practices and ensures good procedures are followed
5. Improves sales closing rates
6. Rapid return on investment
7. Digital data stored for easy re-marketing













View & Download the PCAS PPT (English) 

View & Download the PCAS PPT (Japanese)