Introducing the TLGX Series

Fully modular, adapting to your needs and based on the industry standard tyre inspection tool that has been in the market for 25+ years. The TLGX Series come with an impressive feature set and it is constructed from the most durable materials. The TLGX Series from Translogik unlocks fast and accurate tyre inspection technology.

The TLGX Series delivers Tyre Tread Depth, TPMS Sensor capabilities & RFID. Used by the largest brands in the industry, Translogik’s TLGX Series is the ultimate solution in tyre inspection technology.

The tool is developed for system Integrators and fleet management software companies looking for the ideal tool to collect tyre data.

The new Translogik RFID tyre inspection probe provides the ultimate hardware solution for electronic data capture. The TLGX series includes an inspection probe, tyre adaptor hose, USB charging cable & SW development manual in a tough carry case

TLGX Series Models

Key Features




Tread depth 0-30mm




TPMS Reader


Accurate Tyre Pressure Measurement


Wireless 20m Bluetooth range (in free air)


High Capacity Rechargeable Battery lasts up to 24 hours


Software Development Manual Available


Lightweight & Rugged Construction

Tread Depth

Measurement range: 0-30mm

Accuracy: +/- 0.1mm

Operations: 200,000+

Measurement Modes: Data, mm, inches

Tyre Pressure Port

Measurement Range: 0-150 PSI / 0-10 bar

Accuracy: +/- 0.25%

Operations: 1,000,000 +

Measurement Modes: Data,PSI, BAR



Supported protocol: EPCglobal Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)


Regulatory: configurable for operation in multiple regions


Frequency range: 860 MHz to 960 MHz (configurable by region)


Typical maximum read distance: 1m (many factors affect the read distance, the tag antenna and placement position being one of them, therefore read distance cannot be guaranteed)



Frequency: 433 MHz (315 MHz optional)

LF Initiator: 125 KHz

Read Range: Up to 60cm dependant on protocol

General Specifications


Weight: 255g (Without hose)

Operation Cycle: 16 hours typical

Re-Charge Cycle: 6 hours max

Battery: Built in Li-ion 3.6V 2600mAh Max

Communication: Bluetooth v5.0 Classic (BR/EDR) & Low Energy. IOS, Android and Windows compatible. Or cable USB type C connector (USB 2 / 3 / 3.1).

Wireless Range: 20m in free air

Solutions For All Requirements

Mobile & Desktop Applications


Software Development Manual

If you’re a value added reseller, systems integrator, or need an in-house solution, the TLGX Software development manual and documentation are available to you.

Get in touch with our team today and learn how to make the TLGX Series work exactly as you require.

Industry Leading Technology

Increase Revenue & Safety

Check Tire Pressure & Tread Depth Instantly

accurate and reliable

The TLGX Series Tire Probe allows technicians to take instant measurements of both tire tread depth and tire pressure.

With a robust and rugged construction, the TLGX Series is suitable for even the most testing environments, allowing constant and intensive use.

Wireless Communication with Mobile & Desktop Apps

accurate and reliable

Tire Pressure & Tread Depth Data collected by the TLGX Series Tire Probe can be instantly sent to a wide range of mobile and desktop applications for storage and future analysis.

Translogik provides a number of apps for iOS, Android & Windows to use straight out of the box. The TLGX Series Tire Probe can also be used with custom software and integrated into existing systems. A full Software Development Manual is provided to accommodate this.

Increase Tire Life

accurate and reliable

The TLGX Series Tire Probe has been proven to greatly increase the life of tires.

The tread depth measurement functionality allows technicians to quickly assess tread depth to a high degree of accuracy,  while the tire pressure sensor records data on how inflated the tire is, ensuring it’s being operated within the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Improve Safety

accurate and reliable

Fully inflated tires with adequate tread depth ensure the safest ride for passengers and cargo. Even slightly under-inflated tires can greatly increase stopping distances.

The TLGX Series Tire Probe’s highly accurate readings ensure that tires are maintained to the highest standards, increasing safety and reliability.

Reduce Fuel Costs

accurate and reliable

It’s crucial that tires are inflated correctly for maximum fuel efficiency.

Fleets that are managed with the TLGX Series Tire Probe experience substantial savings in fuel usage due to the highly sensitive tire pressure readings obtained, ensuring that tires are always operated at their optimal specifications.

Provide Tire Data reports to Clients or Internally

accurate and reliable

The TLGX Series Tire Probe allows operators to build a database of statistics related to tire pressure and tread depth for fleets and passenger cars.

This data can be used in diagnostics and future planning as well as a tool for increasing sales and trust due to the accurate and reliable data obtained.