Industry Leading Technology


Translogik has developed a variety of industry leading tire probes for a wide range of applications.
Our experts can help you choose the ideal tool for the job.
Passenger Cars & Trucks

TL-G1 Probe

The TL-G1 Tire Probe measures tread depth and tire pressure. Used by some of the largest companies in the industry, the TL-G1 delivers accuracy and speed in a durable package.
Passenger Cars & Trucks


The iProbe+ records tire pressure and tread depth while also benefiting from UHF RFID & TPMS technology. The best choice for users with these additional requirements.
Large Tires, OTR & Mining Vehicle


For use in the mining and OTR vehicle industries. The EMiProbe can handle the world's largest tires and is unmatched when it comes to accuracy and durability in the field.